As a “micropolitan” community, Spearfish offers big-city shopping and services in a small-town environment, boasting over 40 unique specialty shops.

Shopkeepers in Spearfish are well known for going the extra mile with friendly, personal service. Browse through inviting antique shops and gift stores, or examine the handiwork of area artists and crafters.

As a “micropolitan” community, Spearfish offers a complete package of professional services. For a small city, Spearfish also offers a surprising array of shopping choices including novelty and specialty shops, cards and gifts, home décor, home improvement, hardware, electronics, furniture and appliances, apparel, sporting goods, office supplies, automobiles and recreation vehicles, groceries; the list is too vast to cover.

Shopping local offers benefits

For great shopping, Spearfish is the place! And shopping Spearfish keeps money in the local economy; dollars spent in locally-owned businesses have up to three times the impact on the community as those spent on the Internet. There is a strong multiplier effect within the community for every dollar spent locally, whether it is for retail goods or services. Supporting local businesses by shopping in the Spearfish trade area helps fund and maintain jobs.

Local ownership means that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions. Spearfish area businesses help build strong communities and neighborhoods, linking citizens and nurturing local causes. When businesses are owned by members of the community, the owners have a better reason to become engaged in decisions that effect local growth and development.

Shopping locally gives citizens options. When small companies compete with one another, innovation and low-prices abound. A healthy retail sector is attractive to new businesses. With it, communities stand a much greater chance of attracting new businesses that increase the variety of products and services available for purchase.