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Establish relationships, Empower each other, and Engage in the community.

Have you been a part of that awkward silence during a social function? Well, The Hook strives to eliminate those uncomfortable moments while still providing a platform for professional development. Plus, the events are always easy going and entertaining.

The Hook formally known as YP-Young Professionals is open to anyone in the Spearfish area between the ages of 21 and 40.

Our mission:

Dynamically Enhancing the Community of Spearfish through effective leadership, enhanced global perspective, professional development for ongoing growth & impact.

Attendees include BHSU students and employees, mortgage specialists, administrative assistants, construction based positions, and more.

In the summer of 2017, the Spearfish Chamber revamped the program. The Hook: YP instated a planning committee to help the Chamber staff. The committee’s goals in the revamp were to provide a free drink for attendees and to have fun and interactive activities geared towards the young professionals’ interests. The monthly socials should be something people look forward to while making connections they normally wouldn’t make. The group plans to focus on networking, mentorship, and service in the next couple of months. The vision is to establish relationships, empower each other, and engage in the community. The revamp has been successful. The Hook is averaging 25-30 people at socials and recruited 5-10 new faces each event. Recent socials have included BH Party Pedaler tour, Crow Peak Brewery tour, and a Social Media Scavenger Hunt with Vast Broadband. The Hook has also been encouraging service. Several members suited up for Day of Caring in September hosted by the United Way. In February of 2018, The Hook launched their first Lunch and Learn with South Dakota Center of Enterprise Opportunity’s Michelle Kane. The quarterly event focused on LinkedIn and your personal Branding Strategy.


Montly Socials

The socials are held every second Tuesday at different locations from 5:00-6:30 p.m. with topics ranging from how to identify fake news to fun holiday parties.

Quarterly Lunch & Learns

Quarterly Community Service

They are integrated into the month’s activities.

The Hook hopes to continue to grow their membership base in the following months. The group encourages anyone to come. No commitment is needed. It isn’t just for the suits. The group will have more fun with a diverse the membership.

The Hook is solely run by sponsorship dollars. If you would like to invest in a motivated group of individuals, contact us below or give Bailey a call at (605) 642-2626.

It is a great relaxed event to come to after work-get some food, have a drink, and have some casual conversation.

Jennifer Jungwirth

Student Teacher, Spearfish Middle School

Tonight’s YPG was hosted by BH Pioneer. ☝?Honestly, I had no idea all of the different things they do at this local newspaper! Seriously— baffled! ?It was an eye-opener for me listening to the owners and a few staff talk with us young professionals. ? We are so caught up in “shop local”, “eat local”, “support local”… Why not “read local”?

Ali Eddy

Senior Accountant, Ketel Thortenson, LLP

The whole group of people was so friendly and welcoming to us new people.

Alison Besler

Besler's Cadillac Ranch

Interested in talking to a real human? Inquire below for more information about The Hook or in our sponsorship options.

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