An Elf-on-the-Shelf Event

November 27th-December 14th

Closed for 2017. Check in next year! 


Marv, the Chamber’s Elf-on-the-Shelf, will be making special appearances to local businesses around town from Nov. 27th – Dec. 14th. Marv has drummed up some special deals for you all. Look at the guidelines below to find out how to get these holiday promotions. If you can guess correctly and email Bailey Marv’s location, you can win a coupon or other special giveaways. Some promotions have limited giveaways, so make sure you are checking the Chamber’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter around 10 a.m. each day. Since Marv has to go back to the North Pole on the weekends, posts will appear Monday-Thursday.




1) Marv is the Spearfish Chamber of Commerce’s Elf-on-a-Shelf. He does what Elves-on-the-Shelves do best, hide and cause magical mischief.
2) If you know where Marv is located, email the business’s name to to guess where Marv is hiding.
4) If you guess correctly, you will receive a coupon or giveaway from that business.
6) One guess per picture!

Rules: DO NOT COMMENT your guess. If you comment your guess, you will ruin all the fun, and Marv will be sad.

You MUST email to official guess and be eligible for the promotion. Confirmation of your guess will be emailed back to you when quantity has been reached or the time frame has expired, as noted in the post. 

Week 3-Day 12

Thursday, Dec. 14th-Inactive

It’s Marv’s last day! Why are is he so blue? Can you guess where Marv is enjoying his final day of shenanigans until next year?



Mon., December 11th

Yum, yum! Marv loves the Jacket Zone in downtown Spearfish to get his bagel fill.

Tues., December 12th

Marvelous Marv was sweating glitter at The Hot Room. Because what else to elves sweat beside glitter?

Wed., December 13th

Where else would Marv hang out in a popcorn bowl but Lucky’s 13?.

Thurs., December 14th

Marv is getting is winter’s glow on at Pure Tan!

Mon., December 4th

Dogs > Reindeer! Marv was playing at Paws & Relax.

Tues., December 5th

Marv loves Flying E Floral and Design. It is always so festive!


Wed., December 6th

Marv’s flying high on oxygen and floating on cloud nine at Zero Gravity.

Thurs., December 7th

They see Marv rollin,’ they hatin,’ because missed out on the deal at Two Wheeler Dealer Cycle and Fitness.

Mon., November 27th

Marv is at the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery Gift Shop!

Tues., November 27th

Marv hide out at the High Plains Western Heritage Center.


Wed., November 29th

Marv was relaxing at Sand Creek Printing! Pick up some great holiday stationary.

Thurs., November 30th

Marv is at Quik Signs! Sneaky elf was hiding in the vinel.