Health & Wellness in Spearfish

Plenty of lifestyle choices promote

As lives grow busier, the need to make time for exercise, eating right and spending time with family and friends becomes more important. The Spearfish area is home to an eclectic blend of choices for a healthy lifestyle. It’s been proven that healthy food, regular activity, a good night’s rest, family involvement and community work will help maintain a fit and healthy body. From community coalitions that exist to promote healthy choices for youth, to active bicycle coops and a community garden, Spearfish is practicing wellness.

In terms of healthy diet, the roots of Spearfish run deep. When the town was formed, it served as the agrarian community for the northern Black Hills, supplying produce to Deadwood, Lead and Belle Fourche. There is a complex network of irrigation lanes, engineered and established in 1876, that follow the natural contours of the community. The “lower valley” area on the northwest side of town still produces organic and locally grown produce which can be purchased at roadside stands and markets or sampled at many local restaurants.

City promotes environmental friendlinessOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Spearfish has been called “naturally inviting” and that term can be attached to the area’s outlook on health and wellness. Planning standards are reviewed as necessary and amended to promote neighborhoods that allow for healthy lifestyles. City of Spearfish officials have established a goal to research recycling programs and implement stronger Green Initiatives today and into the future. LEED certified buildings and residences are more prevalent as citizens become more energy conscious. These efforts are directed to lessening the need in the use of fossil fuels and continually build toward a sustainable future.

Plans are ongoing to enhance the citizens’ ability to use those healthier modes of transportation whether it is walking or bicycling.  Additional sidewalks and pathways are included in street improvement plans which intertwine throughout the city and connect to the primary walking/biking path that winds its way along Spearfish Creek from one end of the city to the other.

The city-owned recreational center compliments the many health related businesses within Spearfish. This dual approach provides numerous ways for folks of all ages to participate in activities that interest them.

Indoor activities found throughout Spearfish enhance the body by aerobic exercise, body sculpting and endurance. Those include weight-lifting, strength-building, boxing, swimming, track, tennis, soccer, basketball, yoga, Pilates, dance, spinning and more. Spearfish is a renowned Mecca for a variety of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, tubing, skiing, mountain biking, swimming, and running.

The medical community provides care to residents within a 50-mile area, making it a regional hub for healthcare services. Spearfish offers a variety of high quality healthcare resources including medical centers and clinics, a surgery center, a hospital, assisted living facilities, long term care, in-home care, dermatology, chiropractic, podiatry, dentistry, orthodontics, optometry, midwifery, pharmacies, mental health services, physical therapy, and veterinary science.